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Poled is a professional junior car seat brand which had been established by Hyundai/Kia’s researchers who have more than 10 year experience. Poled were created through numerous iterative simulations, sleds, and real vehicle tests.

What’s poled.
Polar Bear on the Sled

Sled is a test equipment what adds 40 to 50 times higher impact than gravity.

Polar Bear is Nickname of engineer who tested the sled test very much. What means friendly dad’s mind like polar bear.

We finally completed the full name, “Polarbear on the sled” with combination of sled & polarbear,

It's the Automotive Parts, not a Baby Goods.

Because poled designed as Part of vehicle, It presents very high technology.

Only poled.

poled is the only car seat developed with actual car crash test.
We did many crash tests in Namyang R&D center.what satisfied very high level criteria than safety standards

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