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The bigger, the better Ball-FIX Booster

Booster seat for 6 to 10 years.
Cantilever armrest for comfortable and safe trip.


Cantilever armrest with comfortable size

A big armrest is cantilever structure can change its hardness along direction of load.
It is designed strong vertically, flexible horizontally.It will absorb impact horizontal direction when collision happens.
Child can rest his arm on big armrest, it is useful when long distance traveling.


The latest analysis and simulation for safety

Human body model simulation for injury analysis is the advantage of Hyundai motor group.
Maybe, It’s too excessive to apply vehicle technology to child seat.
But we got the best size or position for safety by simulation and analysis.
We think The importance of safety cannot be emphasised enough.
[Sticking out of shoulder and neck movement depending on position of armrest and belt]

One Click & Adjustable

Ball-FIX 610b can be fixed on your car by ISOFIX catch.
ISOFIX can endure about 2.5 tons load.


Detachable Cushion

Seat cushion of Ball-Fix 610b can be detached.
so it is very convenient to wash dirty fabric or clean the child seat.

Real Safety, Only Poled

An actual vehicle crash test, continuous sled tests.

We did actual car crash test with brand new Santa-fe 2018 of HMC.
We designed armrest very safely with accurate analysis and simulations.
And the result was double checked by numerous sled tests.

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