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Whole new design and designing, detailed simulationBad condition test equal to automotive safety levels and relative new technology.
Function and Comfort just fit to child, and passion of engineers

Child seat for junior after these hard work.

Active Safety Headrest

For prevent neck injury, only in poled.

Headrest must be designed to protect child’s neck.
When crash happens, child’s head moves forward in very short time,and rebounds backward very strongly
This causes neck fracture or severe injuries

Ball Guide
Not only safety but comfort, only in poled

Booster child seat uses vehicle-interior seat belt.
We designed 3-axis rotating Ball guide what reduces injury factor and is easy to common use


With rotating system, ball guide prevents belt twisting,distributes belt’s load by adjusting best position of belt just fit to shoulder.


Dual Adjustable Backrest

For child growing up.

Children grow so fast everyday.
As children grow up, Backrest of Ball-FIX 310 is adjustable with 9 degrees fine-tune height.and shoulder guide can be expanded also
Flexible shoulder guide can increase stability with getting close to child’s shoulder when side collision happens


The trio to protect from side impact

EPS headrest, flexible shoulder guide, cantilever armrest

Injury will be concentrated at head, shoulder and thigh when side collision happens.
Headrest is made from EPS which is excellent in absorbing a shock. V-shape of headrest will prevent breaking neck in collision. Child can usually rest his head on it.

Shoulder guide, which is also made from EPS, is very flexible. So it can absorb impact energy when collision happens.

A big armrest is cantilever structure can change its hardness along direction of load
It is designed strong vertically, flexible horizontally.
It will absorb impact horizontal direction when collision happens.
Child can rest his arm on big armrest,it is useful when long distance traveling


ISOFIX with Reclining

Adjustable isofix device length and angle of backrest.

Ball-FIX 310 can be fixed on your car by isofix ratch.
Fixed isofix can endure about 2.5 tons load
It is possible to adjust length of isofix device and angle of backrest which has 13 steps.
It will give the best condition just fit to your child.

Detachable Seat Cushion

Seat cushion of Ball-Fix 310 can be detached.
so it is very convenient to wash dirty fabric or clean the child seat.


Real Safety, Only poledAn actual vehicle crash test, continuous sled tests.

We did actual car crash test with brand new Santa-fe 2018 of HMC
A research paper was released in Europe about the result of test.
This means the Ball-Fix is the safest booster seat in Europe.

View Paper

The result came from various sled tests before actual car test.

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