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The only real vehicle crash test in Korea

The Poled Car Seat is the only vehicle in the country that has been developed after actual vehicle crash testing.
It was tested with a new car being developed by Hyundai Motor Namyang Research Center,
and you can expect higher safety than a general car seat developed through only some test equipment.

The results can be found in a paper published in the 2017 European Society for Child and Vehicle Safety.

Poled's car seats are
developed on the basis of the EURO NCAP accreditation requirements, which have to withstand the roughness of twice the standard accreditation exam .

About 47% of all accidents originate from side collisions, but
there are no side collision tests for domestic certifications KC and European certification R44.
The Poled Car Seat has passed the 60 km/h side impact test in line with the EURO NCAP standard.

Passing the EURO NCAP standard means unparalleled safety.

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